Tom and Mia, owners of Blnded Bliss LLC

Welcome to Blnded Bliss, Natural Soap Heaven

There are always sounds of memories being made in our household. Children laughing and playing in the background, Mom and Dad making dinner to the drum of clinks and clanks in the kitchen, movies playing in the background. In the very heart of our bustling home, where the rhythm of our laundry machine is ever-present, there's a distinct and inviting aroma - the scent of our handmade soap.

Taking our first steps into the world of soap-making, we were complete novices. Our initial concoction, born from sheer experimentation, turned out to be a delightful surprise. That wonderful batch, crafted amidst the daily business of helping kids with homework and ensuring we all gathered at the table for dinner, was a refreshing success.

As time passed our enthusiasm for soap-making deepened. Our experiments with scents and designs grew to be bolder, each batch more imaginative than the last. Amidst the daily chaos, soap-making evenings have become our cherished "Date Night" ritual. As the day's noise settles and the younger ones are tucked in, we immerse ourselves with our sudsy hobby, ensuring each soap bar is high quality and shows our family's love and dedication.

Today, from the midst of our vibrant household's soundscape, a simple passion has evolved into a blooming business. Our unique soap creations have found their way online, gracing our website and even Etsy's virtual shelves. For tactile shoppers, we've set up stalls at local farmers markets. But our storytelling doesn't end with soaps. We've launched two blogs: "Blnded Blog" for soap aficionados and "Blnded News" where we chronicle the chaos and joys of our blended life, and news relating to the Blnded Bliss LLC brand.

To everyone who's observing our journey by indulging in our soaps or supporting our business, our gratitude knows no bounds. We are absolutely proud of each and every bar of quality soap we produce. We wish to share our products with you and our mission is to make the world a better place in the process though products that have eco-safe packaging, ethically sourced ingredients, no parabens, are gluten-free, and just a delight to use.

Stay tuned to "Blnded News" for more tales from our vibrant journey, a blend of creativity, growth, and joy set against the lively backdrop of our family home and business.

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