Six bars of Blnded Bliss soap artfully displayed in a basket

Announcing Blnded Bliss Monthly Soap Subscriptions!

Hello to our soap friends and family! We are excited to give you some news about some juicy new Blnded Bliss LLC soap savings – we're thrilled to announce our Monthly Soap Subscriptions! 

A calendar image with bars of soap on various days of the week, symbolizing a blnded bliss soap subscription

We are allowing you to choose from two options: a trio of three soap bars or a luxurious set of six, each bar handpicked by our team each month and an amazing way to experience many different bars of soap we offer. Our bar soap subscription preferences are suitable for both masculine and feminine scents, but you can let us know what you prefer and we can consider this when making the monthly selections.

Here's the best bit: subscribe and get free shipping on all your future subscription deliveries! We will also allow free shipping on all our other products only with the purchase of your subscription. Our soaps are synthetic-free, paraben-free, in eco-friendly packaging, and ethically sourced products. When you make a purchase with us you are making a positive ethical choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our Monthly Soap Subscriptions. Your skin, your senses, and even the planet will thank you!

Stay Fresh, Stay Blissful!

Tom and Mia,
Team Blnded Bliss

P.S. Don't forget to share your blissful bath moments on our social channels or in the comments below – we love seeing your feedback and joy! 🛀💕

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