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A Heartfelt Thanks to Rachel Greene

As a family-run natural skincare brand, we at Blnded Bliss are deeply thankful for the unwavering support of Rachel Greene. Rachel is Mia's sister, and her dedication has been instrumental in our operations as a family-run natural skincare business. She has helped to plan, prepare for, and execute events with Blnded Bliss. She has been most generous by donating to the cause, assisting with events, and purchased many Blnded Bliss products. 

Rachel Greene

Rachel has always believed in us. This is because her values are Blnded Bliss values, and her contributions have really helped us get where we are today. Rachel has been a true a beacon of support, and we really appreciate her. She has done all this with a kind smile, a readiness to help, and she's been a massively pivotal supporter.

We often talk about the ingredients that go into our products – natural, wholesome, and pure. Rachel has been an essential ingredient in our campaign to provide only the finest skin-care products.

So, Rachel, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You've shown us what it means to really be there for what you believe in, to support without hesitation your ideals. You are a part of the Blnded Bliss family, and we are ever so grateful for you.

With Love,
The Blnded Bliss Team

Tom and Mia

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