The Science Behind Tallow Body Butter and Its Skin Superpowers

The Science Behind Tallow Body Butter and Its Skin Superpowers

How did we formulate our beef tallow whipped body butter recipe?

When we started making and selling soap at markets in 2023, we decided it could be beneficial to our business to offer more than one type of product (during this time we did not make anything but natural beef tallow-based soaps). Mia and I did some brainstorming and landed on the idea of making body butter. Mia was always applying lotion to her skin because she tends to have very dry skin, and the body butter that we would go on to create would be a non-synthetic and natural skincare replacement. This formulation would go on to become very popular as one of our premier dry skin solutions.

After we made our first batch, we knew that our clients would love it, we made it out of 100% beef tallow, and mixed in some sweet almond oil and olive oil. The body butters sold out very quickly. We made it a few more times and each time we would sell out quickly. After some well received positive feedback on our first few initial batches, we decided we wanted to incorporate some shea to improve upon our recipe. The shea took this body butter to the next level, and we love the end result.

Is Beef Tallow Good for your Skin?

Tallow is perfect for skin products like body butter because it contains fatty acids that resemble those found on the outer layer of human skin and sebum (our skin’s natural oils). This makes beef tallow one of the most highly compatible oils for use on your and my skin. With that said, we wanted to let you know about the benefits you can gain by trying our all-natural tallow body butter. The following vitamins and fatty acids are present in beef tallow and offer a plethora of skin benefits:

A jar of Blnded Bliss Grass-fed beef tallow based whipped body butter, packaged.

Beef Tallow Benefits for Skin:

  1. Vitamin A: Helps to stimulate the production of new skin cells. It smooths out rough skin textures. It delivers some proteins which are helpful regarding skin firmness and collagen preservation.
  2. Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant which protects skin cells from damage. Vitamin E helps with moisture retention in the skin and aids in the skin's healing processes.
  3. Vitamin D: Plays a crucial role in skin cell renewal and immune defense. Helpful for contributing to the treatment of skin disorders.
  4. Vitamin K: Supports the body's healing processes, crucial for blood clotting and wound healing. It specifically targets under-eye dark circles and improves the appearance of scars
  5. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Provides anti inflammatory properties and helps to preserve collagen by preventing it from breaking down.
  6. Palmitoleic Acid: A component of sebum, palmitoleic acid has antimicrobial properties, making tallow beneficial for acne-prone skin by helping to keep harmful bacteria at bay.
  7. Stearic Acid and Oleic Acid: These fatty acids are moisturizing agents that help to hydrate the skin by reinforcing the skin's barrier, reducing water loss, and maintaining the skin's softness and flexibility.
  8. Never mind all the benefits, after applying the body butter you will notice your skin appearance improve immediately. It is amazing how quickly it can work to soothe dry itchy skin. You will notice a skin glow that was not present before.

Skin loving properties of Beef Tallow based Whipped Body Butter:

  1. Moisturizing: Tallow provides long-lasting hydration, it deeply moisturizes the skin. It's particularly effective for dry, chapped skin or areas prone to roughness, such as elbows and heels.
  2. Protective Barrier: It forms a protective barrier on the skin's surface, which helps to lock in moisture and protect against environmental stressors like wind, cold, and pollution.
  3. Promotes Healing: The vitamins and fatty acids in tallow support the skin's natural healing processes which makes it beneficial for minor cuts, abrasions, and skin irritations.
  4. Anti-Aging Properties: Containing antioxidants like vitamin E, tallow helps to fight free radicals, potentially reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.
  5. Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Given its natural composition, tallow is generally well-tolerated by sensitive skin types, offering a gentle alternative to some synthetic moisturizers.

Where do I get beef tallow based whipped body butters?

You can order these directly from Blnded Bliss, please visit this link. If you have eczema, skin rashes, or just dry skin you can probably see why these products are very popular amongst our clientele. Do yourself a favor, get some relief, buy some of our whipped body butters!

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